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Language Quote

If you talk to a man in a language he understands, that goes to his head. If you talk to him in his own language, that goes to his heart.
‒Nelson Mandela

Learned this a long time ago when doing business with some Japanese businessmen. Now I speak 4 languages. No that fluent but good enough to ensure my wife and I can order in a Foreign language when we’re on holiday in another country.

My nephew has got a thing for languages too. He’s got a couple of Spanish speaking friends so that helps him practice what he learns from the Sonrisas Curriculum, which is a Spanish learning program containing books and CDs I bought him.

Funny photos I came across today.

Guide To Getting Things Done In Penang, Malaysia

Aside from the rude cab drivers and the traffic jams, Penang is a wonderful place to live, especially if you like spicy, tasty, delicious food.

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Learning French With Childrens DVDs


I accidentally learned French thanks to my nephew. I baby sit him a few times a week for my sis. He’s got a few Barney, Sesame Street, Caillou and Dora DVDs. The DVDs have both English and French audio. After a while of watching every single episode we both got bored so I decided to opt for the French language version.

We started off with Sesame Street in French. Surprisingly, we were not as clueless as I thought we would be. Maybe because we already knew the story line and therefore we could easily gauge what was going on. It was like we knew what that characters meant although we did not know exactly what they were saying. Confused?

Anyway, after a few weeks, I found myself being able to understand and utter basic French phrases. Although, I would venture a guess that a native speaker would still say I am butchering what arguably is the most romantic language in the world.

GMBO 2.0 Grant - Application Criteria In English


The original application criteria is in the Malay Language as can be found on the site.

The GMBO 2.0 grant qualification criteria in English is as below:

- Malaysian citizen between the age of 18 – 65 years old (priority given to women entrepreneurs)
- Have a valid Malaysian business or company registration
- Have a Malaysian bank account that is registered under the business
- Have a broadband service account or is a registered member of 1Malaysia Internet Centre
- Have a working online website with a Malaysian domain (ending with a .my)
- Annual revenue of not more than RM200,000 a year or less than 10 full time employees (priority given to micro entrepreneurs)

Thanks to for the English translation of the criteria.

How true is this?

How true is this?

Contemporary Single Sink Bathroom Vanities - Choice Overload

So the check for my commission comes in and the first thing I do is ask my wife what she wants. She says she can’t decide until she sees the size of the amount. Next thing I know she wants to redo the common bathroom.

I blew every cent of my last big commission on a state-of-the-art AV system so I’m all out of bargaining chips.

About a week ago, the wife shows me a brochure of a bathroom vanity set which I thought was simple and affordable - less than a grand after discount. I should have just agreed to buy it there and then but no, I had visit the website ( of the store that sold this and poke my nose around a bit.

Big mistake.

We ended up browsing the modern bathroom single sink category for an hour or so and decided to opt for something which costs a bit more.

My favorite part of this (Carla) set is the tempered sink. It’s just sick. It’s about the same size as the Mist set (image right at the top), 31” and 29” respectively.

We’re thinking of getting a double sink set for our bedroom bathroom. But that’s for another day.

Easy Hawaiian Rubber Stamps Ideas

You know, you don’t have to use themed rubber stamps like the Hawaiian rubber stamps above just for scrapbooking. There are lots of stuff you can use them for. I say, just let loose and set your imagination free.

I went overboard a few times and destroyed a couple of stamps but it was worth it.

Keep Kids Occupied With Scrapbooking Projects

My wife says that if it worked on me, it’ll work on any kid. It’s not the most macho thing in the world for a guy to take part in but its fun and it keeps the wife happy.

And kids, mostly, stay out of trouble when they’re into this. They get so absorbed when they let their creativity loose. Challenging projects take up lots of time so if you need to keep kids occupied for a long time, throw them a challenging project.

Don’t worry about getting materials and tools for scrapbooking. They’re easily available online as well as off line.

Dividers And Conquerers

Why don’t more homes have wooden room dividers and screens? They’re pretty cool. I saw one in that Robert Downey Jr. movie - Sherlock Holmes. I think it was the scene in the first movie where he visits his former lover and she drugs him.

My sister has something like the one in the image above. She says it reminds her of the one my late great grandmother used to have in her house. She as it in her bedroom.

I have one in the living room to sort of create a small, semi private space to answer phone calls or gossip.